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2013: Der Raum 2.0, Gamsei & Bar Economico

Big changes are afoot at Der Raum.

The location, as you know, is currently undergoing major renovations. What we can now reveal is that after 11 years on its Richmond site, Der Raum is in the process of being relocated (in spirit) to Munich (yes, Munich in Germany). Der Raum 2.0 will be known there as Gamsei. We are currently building a new bar at 438 Church Street and we hope to open by April 2013. The new bar will be called Bar Economico. Bar Economico is inspired by Matt’s travels in Latin America. We don’t want to give away too much now, but we can say is that it won’t be a members bar and we hope to offer amazing drinks at surprisingly cheap prices. Like Bayern Munich, Bar Americano has also had a major signing coup. Hayden Lambert will be joining us next month as headbartender. Though he’s half-Kiwi Hayden, has spent most of his career at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast. Any cocktail nerd will tell you The Merchant Hotel is regarded as one of the best in the world and has dominated European and International awards since its inception. Der Raum and Bar Americano founder Matthew Bax has been developing a unique (but classic) menu format for Bar Americano over the last 18 months. Hayden and Matt will be launching the exciting new program in March.

You can track the news of Gamsei via: and and we will of course inform you all of the progress of Bar Economico as its story unfolds.

Matt and the rest of the extended Der Raum family wish to thank each and everyone of you that have supported over the many years. “You gave us the ultimate gift, a creative wonderland to play and explore,” says Bax. “Without you, none of what we managed to achieve at Der Raum would have been possible.” . We hope we’ll see you in Munich and that we can continue to bring you joy through Bar Americano and our new baby, Bar Economico.We look forward to showing her off very soon.


Bragging rights ?

Awards mean very little to us but for the bar nerds, here’s a peek at our silverware:

* 2012 – The Age Good Bar Guide – 3 Glass Rating Award
* 2012 – Ranked – No.1, Worlds Best Bars
* 2011 – Winner – Cocktail List of the Year, Australian Bartender Awards
* 2010 – Winner – Cocktail Bar of the Year, Australian Bartender Awards
* 2009 – Winner – Cocktail List of the Year, Australian Bartender Award
* 2008 – Winner – Australian Bar of the Year, Gourmet Traveller
* 2007 – Ranked – 6th Best Bar in the World, National Geographic Magazine
* 2006 – Winner – Cocktail List of the Year, Australian Liquor Awards
* 2005 – Winner – Cocktail List of the Year, Australian Liquor Industry Awards
* 2004 – Winner – Cocktail List of the Year, Australian Bartender Awards
Blah, blah blahhhh…

Our success is better measured by the achievements of our beloved Alumni: Josh Begbie (Movida Sydney), Thor Bergquist (Headbartender – Experimental Cocktail Club, UK), Paul Aron (Founder – el Publico), Jason Chan (Partner – Trade Winds Gin), Shae Silvestro (Headbartender – Brooks ), Stefan Lohr (National Bacardi Ambassador, Germany), Joel Fraser (Founder – Cufflink Club, Singapore)…


Der Raum is the 2001 brainchild of artist, ex accountant and sometime bartender Matthew Bax.


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